High-profile scientists are invited to work in laboratories and research teams in China


Jiangsu Normal University invites highly qualified foreign specialists with a scientific degree (for the countries of the former Soviet Union).

Conditions of a contract:
1) Duration from 1 year or more (with official employment in China);
2) Accommodation is provided by the employer (room in a university hotel);
3) Salary depending on the level of qualification (average range 3500 – 5000 US dollars per month).

Departments and areas of work : 

  1. College of Humanities – Literature, Chinese language and literature, Chinese and modern literature, comparative literature and world literature, ancient Chinese literature, Chinese classical literature, aesthetics, art theory, drama, drama school, film studies;
  2. Faculty of Linguistics – Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Chinese international education, ethnic minority Chinese and literature, Chinese, cell biology, computer application technology;
  3. Faculty of History, Culture and Tourism – World History, History of China, Tourism Management;
  4. School of Philosophy and Public Administration – Political science, management, social security, sociology, ethnology, philosophy;
  5. Faculty of Law – Criminal law, procedural law, economic law, environment and resource protection rights, international law, civil and commercial law, constitutional and administrative law, legal theory, history of law, philosophy of law, sociology of law;
  6. College of Foreign Languages ​​- English language and literature, Japanese language and literature, Spanish language and literature, French language and literature;
  7. Institute of Pedagogical Sciences – Education, psychology, history of education;
  8. School of Mathematics and Statistics – Statistics, Elementary Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research and Cybernetics, Computational Mathematics;
  9. School of Physics and Electronic Engineering – Optical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Electronic Science and Technology, materials of science and technology, communication technology;
  10. College of Chemistry and Materials Science – Physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and chemistry of materials;
  11. College of Natural Sciences – Botany, plants, microbiology, genetics (cell biology), biochemistry and molecular biology;
  12. Faculty of Geography, Geodesy and Urban Planning – Physical geography, human geography, GIS, geodesy and geodesy technology, remote sensing science and technology, urban planning;
  13. College of Sports Education – Human Sciences, humanities and sociology, physical education and training;
  14. School of music – Music, dancing;
  15. Academy of Fine Arts – Visual Arts, research design;
  16. Institute of Mass Media and Film School – Radio and Television Arts, film studies, new media art, journalism, communications, radio and television;
  17. Business School – Finance, industrial economics, international trade, regional economics, economic statistics, financial management, accounting, engineering and material and technical management, world economy
  18. School of Management and Education – Educational technology, computer science and technology, software development, space network security, science system, management of science and technology, artificial intelligence;
  19. Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering – Mechanical design, mechanical production, engineering and electronics;
  20. Institute of Electrical Engineering and Automation – control technology, information and communication technology, transport engineering, electrical engineering;
  21. College of Medical Sciences – Physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, bio-medicine, preventive medicine, the health of big data processing, medical information, medical sciences;
  22. Academy of Mathematics – Mathematics;
  23. Laboratory of Biotechnology of Medicinal Plants, Jiangsu Province University – Microbiology, Ecology, Immunology, Cell Biology;

Requirements for candidates:

  • Academic degree not lower than a candidate of sciences;
  • Experience in research teams;
  • Ability to work in an international team;
  • The availability of fresh scientific publications;
  • Diplomas of the participant of the International, state, private academies, scientific organizations, etc. are extremely welcome.

Jiangsu Normal University:

Jiangsu Normal University was founded in 1952 and is located in the picturesque city of Xuzhou with a long history. It is directly subordinate to the Jiangsu provincial government and the Central Ministry of Education.

The university consists of four campuses, with a total area of ​​163.8 hectares. The university includes 22 scientific schools with a variety of disciplines in areas such as philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, technology, agriculture, public administration, visual arts, etc.

Currently, more than 20,000 full-time students, more than 3,500 graduate students and 414 foreign students study at the university.

Over more than 60 years of history, the number of graduates has reached more than 200,000. Many of them now play an important role in the fields of politics, economics, culture, science and technology, education, etc.

Xuzhou City:

Xuzhou is a city of science and education with plenty of talents. In total, 31 independent research institutes, 335 research institutes and 14 colleges and universities are located in the city, including China’s Mining and Technology University, Suzhou Medical College, Jiangsu Normal University, Suzhou Institute of Technology, etc. which are supporting its economic and social development.

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